About Advance Translations

Advance Translations, Inc. was founded by Gita LaFortune in 2004. Working as a professional Lithuanian interpreter / translator since 2002 she developed great relationships not only with her clients, but with other professional interpreters as well.
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Qualified Professional Interpreters & Translators at very reasonable rate...
...it's our promise at ADVANCE!
Responding to the needs of a legal and business community by elevating the standards of the interpretation industry.


Advance Translations, Inc. provides written translation services in a wide range of languages. We can translate any document from birth, marriage, death certificates, and diplomas to legal, business, and medical documents. We can formally certify translated documents.
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There are two types of interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive interpretation is interpreting what is said, after it is said. This mode of interpretation is used when the communication between the parties involves a two way exchange of information.
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